Angus Baigent
February 1, 2024
The Story Behind Our Next-Generation Trophy

A new award for a Net-Zero Cabin

Since its inception, the Crystal Cabin Award has championed industry innovation and honoured novel approaches to improve the experience of air passengers and maximise benefits for operators. Today, sustainability has become a driving force of innovation, including in the aircraft cabin. But reducing its environmental impact also means new approaches to manufacturing that open a path to reducing waste and emissions.

Toward a Net-Zero Cabin: The Story behind our next-generation trophy

The Crystal Cabin Awards is helping to write this new chapter with a trophy that exemplifies this fresh approach. Developed by Krüger Aviation and Institut für Polymer- und Produktionstechnologien (IPT), the new trophy awarded for the first time in 2023 is made by IPT using a sustainable organic polymer developed especially for the trophy.

As the first product worldwide made using the new process, the trophy embodies a novel, sustainability-focussed approach. In this way, the Crystal Cabin Award is itself helping to lead the way towards a future cabin generation that is more sustainable than ever before.

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