Thales Avionics

Onboard Data Center

Thales’ Onboard Data Center (ODC) features 6 patented technologies. Its hyper converged architecture revolves around individual blades that support multiple functions.These blades share storage and compute capabilities, resulting in an aggregated storage space 10 times higher than the average IFE server. Each blade can be replaced or upgraded depending on the airlines’ needs.

Software is smartly distributed and redounded across blades to optimize onboard resources in real-time. In the event of one or two blades shutting down,service remains up and running without any impact on the passenger experience. The Onboard Data Center’s availability reaches 99.99%.

The ODC brings web-based technologies onboard, drastically improving software &content deployment processes. It enables the virtualization of the entire software stack, removing the need for tests on physical labs. The ODC also enables software & content deployment at the click of a button in less than12 hours on the entire fleet.