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BermudAir Aisle Class Suite

BermudAir is a start-up airline operating from the USA Eastcoast to Bermuda.  The Aisle Class Suite is a business class product for single aisle aircraft, created by adapting an existing conventional 2-2 economy class seat, removing components from the inboard seat and replacing them with furniture to create a memorable, spacious and truly premium class experience.  This highly cost-effective, bespoke solution, and with over 70% of the existing legacy seat being re-used,the Aisle Class Suite has impeccable sustainable credentials.

Rather than design and build new seats, the existing 2-2 configured economy seats were adapted to deliver a 1-1 business class suite.

The seat back and pan are removed from the inboard, aisle seat and replaced with a piece of furniture attached directly to the seat track, thereby not impeding on the existing seat.  The seat pan cushion has a wedge extension to provide wider hip and thigh room, while the furniture adds a premium console, single leaf table and additional stowage, including the ability to stow a carry on under the seat in front.

This is a green seat.  Consider the various ways the sustainable agenda may be addressed: source sustainably, re-cycle, or re-use.  In this case, the BermudAir Aisle Class Suite, much of the existing economy seats being retained to create a single business class suite.