Diehl Aviation

ECO Sidewall

Diehl Aviation's innovative ECO Sidewall establishes a fresh benchmark for environmentally conscious aviation solutions by using pioneering technologies.

Introducing the ECO Sidewall, Diehl Aviation's innovative eco-efficient sidewall concept that sets a new standard in sustainable aviation. The first of its kind, the ECO Sidewall incorporates pioneering technologies and paves the way for a revolutionary generation of eco-friendly cabin designs. Diehl Aviation is committed to sustainability and has achieved a remarkable 10% weight reduction in the sidewall through the use of lightweight materials and innovative design. This not only reduces the carbon footprint ofthe ECO Sidewall by 19% in the production phase, but also improves fuel efficiency, resulting in a 10% reduction in CO2-emissions during operation.

In addition, advanced technologies reduce waste from prepreg blanks by more than over a third, minimizing the environmental impact. Diehl Aviation's holistic approach, combining various sustainable processes, makes the ECOSidewall particularly eco-efficient. With expertise and commitment, Diehl Aviation meets customer expectations for sustainable products andenvironmentally conscious aviation solutions.