Collins Aerospace


Collins Aerospace InteliSence™ elevates the level of service for passengers by providing airlines and crew with reliable, predictive information about their ideal travel experience. This predictive information also helps airlines optimize power consumption, on-board provisions and crew workloads.


Utilizing an array of cameras, sensors, edge-computed video analytics and deep-learning Artificial Intelligence, Collins’ InteliSence monitors interactions and collects information from objects within the seat environment. Data from glasses, plates, personal electronics and more is collected and communicated to the service team – ensuring drinks are refilled sooner, bedding is made quicker and faulty equipment is remedied rapidly.


The voluntary service disseminates non-photographic data into a crew’s existing Electronic Flight Bag, achieving unprecedented predictive service information while maintaining passenger privacy expectations.  


InteliSence also maintains a view of past passenger preferences for meals, amenities and other comforts, ensuring airlines meet passenger expectations,provide consistent quality of service and reduce wasteful provisioning.