The Crystal Cabin Award

The only international award for excellence in aircraft interior innovation.

The Crystal Cabin Award

International award for excellence in aircraft interior innovation

The Crystal Cabin Award is the only international award for excellence in aircraft interior innovation, initiated by the Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and managed by the Crystal Cabin Award Association. This unique honour for outstanding cabin products and concepts was presented for the first time on April 17th, 2007 during the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg. The mission: to promote and support innovation around passenger comfort.

The award is designed to motivate companies and research facilities to develop new products and modern designs for aircraft cabin interiors. The development, manufacture and marketing of the innovative products or services must offer essential benefits to a potential customer, both to the final consumer as well as to the customers and manufacturers involved.

The Crystal Cabin Award is a registered Trademark ®.

The symbolism of the Crystal Cabin Award logo

At first glance, the Crystal Cabin Award logo created by the Hamburg-based design agency bell étage sparks a whole range of associations. Sparkling like a precious stone, it traces the character "C", a cipher for "Crystal" and "Cabin", immediately evoking the name of the award. The "C" shape embodies both the linearity of technology and the emotional curve of creativity.

At second glance, the logo appears not to be crystalline but a stellar constellation: after all, the participants are reaching for the stars! Each star denotes one of the five categories in which the Crystal Cabin Award had been conferred initially. The logo slants aspirationally skyward, heading for a sphere in which aircraft – with their innovative cabins on board – circle and soar. And like a plane in flight that twinkles as it catches the sunlight, the logo evokes a sense of yearning: a desire to travel to distant climes – and the desire to capture a coveted Crystal Cabin Award.

The palette comprises two colours: silver conveys high quality and innovation. Red and blue are the colors of Hamburg, the north German city conferring the Crystal Cabin Award. The logo therefore embraces both the content and the geographical heritage of the competition.

This is a logo with a clear, shining message and rich echoes of deeper meaning.

Awarded in 2023