More Time to Submit: Deadline extended to 8 February 2023!

More Time to Submit: Deadline extended to 8 February 2023!

by CCA [FC] | | Tuesday, 17 January, 2023

2023 submissions still open in eight catgeories

The winners of the 2022 Edition!

Good news for all of you who are still fine-tuning their Crystal Cabin Award submission: We have extended the deadline for entries until Wednesday, February 8th, 2023, 11.59 pm CET!

The eight Crystal Cabin Award categories at a glance:

Cabin Concepts

This category rewards holistic cabin concepts and features designs already in use or nearing market launch, as well as visionary ideas for the future. “Cabin Concepts” is aimed at manufacturers as well as design companies and airlines.

Cabin Systems

This category collates innovative products that provide operators such as airlines with a significant advantage in operation or efficiency. Examples are galleys, toilet systems, trolleys, air-conditioning systems as well as seats, primarily defined by efficiency aspects such as weight and space utilization. Digital solutions for passengers have their own category, "IFEC & Digital Services".

Health & Safety

This category is a repository for innovation in concepts and products with an impact on safety, security, health and hygiene on board, or on the physical well-being of travelers. Entries may focus on passengers, crew or cargo.

IFEC & Digital Services – presented by AERQ

One of the fastest developing arenas in the aviation industry, IFEC is changing at breath-taking speed. Entries here must demonstrate technological superiority over competing products and cover in-flight entertainment solutions, connectivity equipment such as antennas and Wi-Fi, passenger apps or complete software solutions for a smart, connected cabin.

Material & Components

This category recognizes new materials and applications in the cabin that reduce costs and increase usability. It covers an enormous variety of different aircraft components; individual components or materials may be submitted, but not a fully developed product such as a seat.

Passenger Comfort

Entries in this category must demonstrate how they improve passenger comfort in the cabin. Innovations that benefit a large group of people may be rated higher due to greater impact on airline success. This category includes seats, toilets, storage, partitions, lighting solutions, trims, premium and business products, First Class and VIP products, to name but a few.

Sustainable Cabin - presented by Panasonic Avionics Corporation

The aviation industry is committed to becoming emissions-free within the next 30 years. This requires a high level of innovation covering every aspect of aviation, including the cabin and passenger experience. Customers are also becoming increasingly sensitive to travel sustainability issues, requiring operators to take action and provide solutions that are closely aligned to this growing trend. This is reflected in the Sustainable Cabin category of the Crystal Cabin Awards, which rewards contributions with a demonstrable effect on the environmental impact of aviation.


The University category gives students the chance to present forward-looking products and ideas for the aircraft cabin and to establish important contacts within the industry. The concepts submitted should make flying more comfortable, intelligent or lessen its ecological footprint.