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Application Form Template

Application Form

(Please note: Each entry can only be submitted for ONE category; if you want to submit another application for a different concept or product TYPE, you need to choose a DIFFERENT category.) Read more - rule N° 3.

Contact Information

File Please enter your PDF/PPT-file below. The text may not be longer than 1000 words (10 pages) and must not include more than 12 graphics/photos.

Your text must answer the following questions about your entry:

  1. What passenger or operator benefit does your innovation offer?
  2. Describe the technological breakthrough of your innovation.
  3. Describe the economic benefit of your innovation.
  4. Please include basic technical information about your entry including
    1. Market need
    2. Performance
    3. Development status & partners
    4. Patent situation and certification status
    5. Feasibility with respect to FAA/ EASA
  5. Please answer the question, if the product is already flying. If so, please name the airline.
  6. Please answer the question, if you are the first to develop the product. If your product claims to be the first, please explain, what precisely it is the first in.
  7. Please name the best comparable current product. If there is a comparable product, please explain, in which way yours is the better one.

A. Please attach your official description (PDF or PPT-file), 1000 words maximum, containing up to 12 photos/graphics. Maximum 8 MB!

number of allowed files: 1
allowed file types: pdf,ppt
allowed file size per file: 8000000
already uploaded files:
remaining files: 1

B. Please attach a short descriptive text.

  1. Describe your entry (main function/ characteristic) and its main customer benefit in one sentence.
  2. The continuous text is restricted to a maximum of 1000 signs (approximately 150 words) and should describe the entry’s function, properties, implementation, advantages and benefits for users as well as customers. Here you may name participating or affiliated companies, who are not mentioned as applicants of the entry.
  3. Close the PR-text with a point of contact including address, phone number and e-mail address.

number of allowed files: 1
allowed file types: zip,doc,docx
allowed file size per file: 8000000
already uploaded files:
remaining files: 1

C. You may attach two pictures of your entry. These pictures are required in a JPG-format and with high resolution, at least 300 dpi (portrait format/landscape format) and with 500 KB. Please also attach your company logo. Maximum 8 MB! The photos and the logo will be used for PR-purposes. Please upload a ZIP file containing three JPGs.

number of allowed files: 1
allowed file types: zip,jpg
allowed file size per picture: 8000000
already uploaded files:
remaining files: 1

Certification Statement: “I certify, that the information provided in this application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. The company or organization, I represent holds all necessary intellectual property rights without relevant limitation to submit this entry. It indemnifies and will hold harmless the Crystal Cabin Award Association of all claims insofar. I have read and accept the rules and regulations of the award, as stated by the Crystal Cabin Award Association.”

If you agree with this statement please tick the box below. If you do not agree with the statement, your application can not be accepted.

I do accept*

The upload of your data might take some time. In some cases up to 30 minutes, depending on the size of your files. When your application form has been succesfully submitted you will get a confirmation. If no confirmation is shown on this website - your application has not been submitted!

If you experience problems with uploading your application please send your application files to the following e-mail address:

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