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Evaluation Process

Evaluation Process

The process is marked by four steps.

1.    All entries to the competition will be examined by the Crystal Cabin Awards Association Pre-selection Committee (PC). Entries that do not comply with the rules of the Award will be excluded. The PC may change the initial choice by the participant eventually. The committee will create a short-list of the best entries. All entries not included in the short-list will not participate in the competition.

2.    The short-listed entries will be evaluated by the Judging Panel using the application material. In the first round of the evaluation process the CCA Association will select a list of finalsts by choosing the three entries with the highest scores in every category. Here the average value will be identified by dividing the sum of scores with the number of participating judges. Those Members of the Judging Panel, who are related to an applicant, have to abstain from voting referring the corresponding entry.

3.    The three entries with the highest scores in every category will be presented by the competitors to the Judging Panel in Hamburg. The complete Judging Panel will be invited to Hamburg for the examination of the presentations. At least 1/3 of the full Judging Panel must be present in Hamburg. They have to decide upon their favourites by means of ranking only (by giving 5,3 and 1 point(s), which means that the highest score is give for the best application). All scores will be divided through the number of votes given for every finalist (by considering abstentions.) The finalists present their entries in a special show-room.

4.    After the final evaluation of the scoring cards the winners of the seven categories are presented to the Judging Panel. The judges have the right to change the winner of each category with a majority vote, if there is a tie. If two entries running for first place are in a tie, which means if the distance between the first and the second place is less than 1 point, all present Members of the Judging Panel will have to decide again in a direct selection of the winner using a 5-3 points scoring in order to finally determine the winner.

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