The Award FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Entry to the competition is free of charge. Expenses resulting out of the award process have to be paid by the participants.

Any corporation, airline, scientist, university, institution or individual natural person related with civil aviation industry or airports may present an entry to participate in the 2021 Crystal Cabin Award.

Members of the Crystal Cabin Award Association and experts from the Judging Panel may not participate in the competition. Companies associated with members of the Judging Panel may participate in the competition. However their associate will not be allowed to vote for their product, to make sure the scoring is completely neutral and unaffected by company loyalties.

Only civil aviation products or concepts are allowed to be entered for the Crystal Cabin Award.

An entry has to fulfil the general criteria of the category to which it has been entered. To be accepted for short-list the entry will have to be of the highest-standard as defined by the competition rules.

There are eight categories, namely: Cabin Concepts; Cabin Systems; IFEC; Greener Cabin, Health, Safety and Environment; Material & Components; Passenger Comfort Hardware; University and Visionary Concepts.

Each category will be evaluated separately.

An entry does not need to fulfil the criteria for all categories, just one. Each category is evaluated separately.

The Crystal Cabin Award intensifies contacts between manufacturers, airlines and financial service providers. It is the first and only international award for excellence in aircraft interior innovation. The award will help participating corporations and academic institutions to establish their products or concepts on the market. Winners are entitled to use the Awards logo and prize name for marketing purposes.

The Judging Panel consists of international aviation experts, including engineers, high-ranking corporate executives and scientists. One third of the panel members are nominated from the international airline industry. The judges remain neutral and independent.

The evaluation process is marked by three stages. At the first stage all entries to the competition will be examined by the Crystal Cabin Awards Association Pre-selection Committee. Entries that do not comply with the rules of the Award will be excluded. The committee will create a short-list of the best entries. All entries not included in the short-list will not participate in the competition. The second stage begins with the evaluation of the short-listed entries by the judging panel. At the last stage the three entries with the highest scores in every category will be presented by the competitors to the judging panel in Hamburg. The complete judging panel will be invited to Hamburg for the examination of the presentations. At least 1/3 of the full Judging Panel must be in Hamburg. The judges, who are present at the Final Viewing in Hamburg, have to decide upon the ranking of the finalists by giving their scores. The finalists present their entries in a special show-room.

After the final evaluation of the scoring cards the winners of the seven categories are presented to the Judging Panel. The judges have the right to change the winner of each category with a majority vote, if there is a tie.

The ceremony will be held in Hamburg, Germany during the Aircraft Interiors Expo 31st March 2020.

The winners of each category are announced at Crystal Cabin Award ceremony. All winners get a certificate and the well-crafted Crystal Cabin Trophy. Award winners will be listed on the awards website and in the issue of Aircraft Interiors International magazine. A finalists folder will be printed and distributed after the ceremony listing all category finalists.